Monday, November 30, 2020

17 Ways to Serve Food Better Than Any Restaurant Could

Celebrity Scramble — Guess Who!

Impressive makeup

Telling a customer “I need to put on covid condom” will get your bosses mad and possibly fire you.

Making A Drink

Satisfying waves

Man spittin facts

My Father, My Hero

Maria Sharapova Wants To Buy a Soccer Team

Best Skillet Roasted Chicken and Tomatoes

Confused Choosing Beggar Doesn’t Understand Hourly Pay – FAIL Blog

Not too long ago I posted about how I reached 45k steps in one day. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I did it. I hit 50k. I’m halfway there.


Lion comes to his brother’s help who was surrounded by a clan of hyenas and help him to defeat them. A true brotherhood.

Romain Grosjean Crash Bahrain 2020 [supercut]

B*%!ch, step on my head again.

BBEdit for Mac 13.5.2 Download

Sh*t happens sometimes (35 Photos)

The best model rocket deals and gifts for Cyber Monday

Walled city—Carcassonne, France

This was exactly what I was trying to find out.

Nancy Cartwright does her 7 Simpsons characters in under 40 seconds

Gapping the bridge

tough kids in movies

Deavan Sparks Engagement Rumors With New BF

They may look strange, but these wireless over-ear headphones are a 3-in-1 marvel

‘Surge Upon a Surge’ of Virus Cases Now Threatens to Decimate The US For One Reason

YouTuber Saa Fomba Jumps Off Colorado River Bridge and Suffers Fractured Skull

‘Symphony of Stones’, Armenia

Ruff night


How To Find out Who an Unknown Caller Is

If you are frequently on the receiving end of unwanted calls from unwanted numbers, you’re probably frustrated and look for ways to put a stop to them. Unfortunately, since you don’t know what that number looks like, you can’t block it. So what are your options? This article will show you… VIEWNOW COMPLETE CONTENT

What Does the Hourglass Mean in Snapchat?

Snapchat has various unique features that encourage user interaction. The app is well-known for the emojis that appear next to usernames on your friend’s list. These help you keep track of the various relationships you have with your Snapchat friends. One of them is the hourglass emoji. These… VIEWNOW COMPLETE CONTENT

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17 Ways to Serve Food Better Than Any Restaurant Could

Everyone knows that the impression of a dish is influenced not only by its taste, but also by its appearance, the plate it’s on, and the atmosphere it’s served in. But not everyone is willing to bother decorating mashed potatoes with artistically chopped carrots. However, it’s… VIEWNOW COMPLETE CONTENT

Celebrity Scramble — Guess Who!

Hidden within this stretched out snap is a musical man who started his career on Broadway. This talented star got his start in the musical “Rent” and later went on to land his career-defining role as Aaron Burr in the award-winning musical… VIEWNOW COMPLETE CONTENT


The best model rocket deals and gifts for Cyber Monday

Everybody loves a good rocket launch, and these model rockets will be a good boost to your spacefaring dreams.  The rocket sets below range from beginner to advanced, from air-powered to engine-powered, with some fun variations in between (like rocket-powered cars or rocket-powered bottles.)

‘Surge Upon a Surge’ of Virus Cases Now Threatens to Decimate The US For One Reason

America should prepare for a “surge upon a surge” in coronavirus cases as millions of travelers return home after the Thanksgiving holiday, top US scientist Anthony Fauci warned Sunday.   The United States is the worst-affected country, with 266,074 COVID-19 deaths, and President Donald Trump’s… VIEWNOW COMPLETE CONTENT

Legos’ International Space Station set is 16% off at Amazon for Cyber Monday

In what may just be a Cyber Mondy miracle, Lego’s International Space Station is on sale at Amazon. Lego’s model of the space station, which was released in February, is currently sold out on, but now the highly sought-after building kit can be yours. Act fast and you can get a space… VIEWNOW COMPLETE […]


WordPress White Screen of Death: What It Is And How to Fix It (In 10 Steps)

As a website owner, encountering the WordPress White Screen of Death (WSoD) can be quite scary. Naturally, you’re probably wondering what happened and whether the empty page you’re seeing means that your site has been… VIEWNOW COMPLETE CONTENT

H1 Headings For SEO – Why They Matter

The use of headings for ranking better on search engines has a long history. It’s one of the earliest known Google ranking factors. Because search engines algorithms evolve, it’s important to understand how why headings remain important and how to use them for modern search engines. This… VIEWNOW COMPLETE CONTENT

Long Anchor Text Gives Us More Context

There is one key difference between using many words in anchor text compared to using fewer words, according to Google’s John Mueller. The topic of anchor text is discussed in the latest SEO office-hours live stream (formerly Webmaster Central office-hours) from November 27. Specifically,… VIEWNOW COMPLETE CONTENT